Success Stories with Benefits Outreach

We know the work we do makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Married couple Rita and Thomas were soon to lose their Employer Sponsored Insurance, so they visited Community Action Duluth to get MNsure assistance from a Navigator. They liked their coverage before, but were paying about $250/month. They have a household income of about $26,700 a year and qualify for MinnesotaCare. With MinnesotaCare, they will pay a total of $66/month for their premium. Each noted something especially important to them about getting this coverage. For Thomas, the monthly saving was like getting an extra pay check each month. For Rita, it's knowing her heart and lung conditions will continue to be treated.

David, together with his wife, Nancy, own and operate a business that provides a modest income. They were paying $1,100/month for their insurance. By going through MNsure, David qualifies for $534/month in tax credits and 73% cost sharing. He chose a plan that cost $819/month to cover them and, with the tax credit in place, he only pays $285/month. He is very relieved. Also, Nancy, recovering from breast cancer, would likely face barriers finding decent coverage if not for the ACA/MNsure.

One couple, Kris and John, with a combined income of $46,000/yr from work at a security company and McDonalds were paying about $1,000/month to get commercial insurance because their employers don't offer any. With MNsure, they recieved $385/month in tax credits and, even including dental coverage, are now paying only half of what they were before MNSure.

Beth, a 59 year old woman, had employer sponsored insurance through May at a cost of $600 per month. She could no longer afford the insurance after she retired and therefore went without. Her household income from wages and two retirement pensions is $1,621 per month. She used MNsure to apply and was eligible for MNCare at $33 per month – she's grateful for the affordable coverage!

Jeannie, a 19 year old full time college student who worked part-time, was uninsured. After applying through MNsure she learned she qualified for MNCare. Since she is under the age of 21, she won't have to pay MNCare premiums. She now has the assurance of health insurance and can concentrate on getting her degree.

Kathy, a 38 year old single mother of a 6-year-old, used MNsure to look for more affordable health insurance. Her employer sponsored health insurance was costing her almost $300 per month for a family plan and she was paying over 9.5% of her income for it. Through MNsure she learned that her 6-year-old would be eligible now for Medical Assistance at zero cost and that she would be able to select a plan that she can afford using her Advanced Premium Tax Credit to help her pay for the coverage.