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We worked with the DTA to increase access for working poor families.

CONCERN: Family wage earners working at night and on weekends struggled to get to work in Duluth. Additionally people were paying too much for transportation to and from work.

SOLUTION: We worked with the DTA to increase bus service in Duluth. As a direct result of the work we did in Big View, 10 weekday routes, 30 Saturday routes and 12 Sunday routes were added to help struggling families reach their jobs. Big View is seen as an asset by the DTA.


We worked with HRA to address access to housing for homeless individuals and families and application fees.

CONCERN: Concerns were raised that parents were not involved fully in the Title I process at Duluth Public Schools ISD-709. Title I law mandates: Parents of Title I students are to be involved with the planning, review and evaluation of parent involvement activities that address the needs of the families in supporting their students to meet the state's high academic standards. [Title I, Part A, Subpart 1, section 1112, 1118]. Parents of children receiving Title I services are to be involved in the planning, review and improvement of the Title I program.

SOLUTION:  Parent leaders advocated for over one year, to increase parent involvement within Title One process in Duluth Schools (ISD-709). Leaders and concerned citizens met with; School Board members, Minnesota Department of Education, Local and State legislators and District administrators, to ensure that moving forward, parents be made aware of Title One parent involvement standards. Schools must involve parents of public and private school students in school programs and in the education of their children. The parent involvement requirements for schools and districts serving students through Title I are:

  • District Parent Involvement Policy
  • Parent Involvement Policy for Title I Schools
  • School-Parent Compact
  • Annual Meeting for Title I parents of public and private school students
  • Parent Notification

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CONCERN: We work with community partners within our Circles of Support strategy to highlight solutions that address race equity disparities in Duluth. Disparities impacting people of color in health, housing and education, in addition to joblessness and economic investment are at an all time high. Community Action Duluth has chosen to highlight and support efforts lead by communities of color, to move forward proactive strategies to address and find solutions to concerns impacting people of color to foster change, promote inclusion and cultural diversity.

SOLUTION: We hosted a community-wide event during the Un-Fair Campaign and invited the following partners to share information about the work they do: ISD-709 Duluth Public Schools Integration Specialists, NAACP, OAP, Human Rights Commission, Task Force for Improved Community Police Accountability, American Indian Commission, Housing for Inmates, and the Delegation on Education, Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, and CHUM. We honored the contribution of community elders Sharon Witherspoon and Dr. Robert Powless.