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Willing to step out of your comfort zone & become involved? 

Community Action Duluth Employees with Mayor Don Ness25% of Duluthians meet the federal definition of poverty.
22% of Duluthians are living just above the federal guideline for poverty.

Combined, 47% of families in Duluth are struggling just to survive.

Poverty impacts YOU whether you realize it or not!

Get involved, because doing nothing accomplishes….nothing.

Where do you stand?

The Big View leadership team is made up of:

Leadership Team

  • Community volunteers
  • Individuals with low income
  • Civic leaders

Currently, we have an average of 6-8 people who meet weekly to outline strategies, activities and actions that address issues impacting people in poverty. 

The leadership team meets weekly at Community Action Duluth. (Day and Time subject to change.) Please call for information. We encourage YOU to become involved in change.

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