Circles of Support LogoBuilding Community

Building a new community within an existing community.

Ally/volunteers Wendy Sojbloom (left) Linda Kaste and TJ (right) along with Phoebe Smith Ellis and Olivia, during the Circles of Support Picnic
Participant Alyssa Danielson (center) surrounded by her Ally/volunteers Kevin Skwira-Brown-Kate and Rachael and Anne Skwira Brown (next to Alyssa) Nam Provost and Grant (far right) and her son Davis Provost is pictured on the far left Shelly Thygeson (top left) and her family in the foreground - Keziah, Takiiya, Kaleb, Keziah and Jabez pictured with her Ally/volunteers Gracia Swensen (top center) and Deborah Plechner (far right)


Circles of Support - Community Engagement Strategy builds...
• Leadership among people across various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
• Resolution and understanding to develop high-impact strategies to end poverty.
• Commitment: there is room at the table for everyone who has a stake in the well-being of Duluth.
• Partnership between those who are prosperous and those who are poor.