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Technically, the term poverty means “the state of being extremely poor,” which people naturally associate with a lack of money. Unfortunately, this narrow understanding may cause us to overlook non-monetary barriers that keep people within that state. While we support helping those in poverty meet basic daily needs, Circles of Support focuses primarily on fostering significant relationships and meaning in people's lives to help them truly reach family self-sufficiency.

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Kris Cook and Shelly Thygeson listen. Tamikka Edwards listens
Thomas Vecchi listens intently to a concern as Ron Carlson (pictured in the background) looks on. Janet Hester and a few friendly faces enjoy a great day of celebration that included music, great BBQ, and dancing during the 4th Annual Circles of Support Picnic in July.
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Participants in Circles of Support must make conscious decisions to change their lives. We help them establish trusting relationships with volunteer Allies. Together, they learn from each other's life experience. Through this dialogue and kinship, both Participants and Allies grow in understanding, and personal biases fade away. Allies gain a new perspective of the true definition of poverty, while Participants acquire the knowledge they need to make necessary changes. Collective action becomes the focus as we work together to find Solutions to End Poverty.