One third of the people who live in the City of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to achieve a better future.





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What Does Getting Ahead Mean To You?

This is the first question Getting Ahead Workshop Participants are challenged to investigate when they begin the 10 week/20 session Getting Ahead program at Community Action Duluth. Every participant has a unique, individual and personalized answer for this question. 

The Getting Ahead Program is designed to challenge low-income participants to take control of their own future, by providing a safe, healthy, and structured setting for them to investigate the challenges they face to getting out of poverty, construct a personalized plan for overcoming those challenges, and gain healthy supports and resources to help them achieve their goals.

Getting Ahead Participants Getting Ahead Participants
Getting Ahead Participants Getting Ahead Participants

Getting Ahead Duluthchallenges workshop participants to investigate their own lives, the personal and systemic causes of poverty and the community around them. Each Getting Ahead class is tailored to the individuals; however, the program challenges all participants to understand poverty by investigating three categories. 

Poverty Investigation

Personal/Individual Investigation

Community Investigation

  • Understand what Poverty is
  • Understand economic structure and social class
  • Understand the hidden rules of economic class
  • Understand causes of poverty, both personal and systematic
  • Understand what keeps people in poverty
  • Understand generational and situational poverty


  • Understand the personal challenges to getting out of poverty
  • Understand how to plan for a balanced/successful future by creating a personalized plan for getting out of poverty
  • Understand healthy vs. unhealthy supports and relationships
  • Understand communication, both healthy and unhealthy
  • Understand ways to communicate with others that have different life experiences
  • Understand how to identify and obtain healthy supports and resources to help achieve getting out of poverty
  • Investigate the resources, supports and opportunities available in the community
  • Evaluate both the positive and negative experiences of living in Duluth
  • Investigate solutions to the negative experiences in the community, which create challenges for others in poverty
  • Become part of the solution, by not only creating solutions, but partnering with the community to implement change

Food and childcare provided for each workshop.

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Getting Ahead Participant Getting Ahead Participants' children Getting Ahead Participant with her baby Getting Ahead childcare provider with baby