One third of the people who live in the city of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to cover basic needs.

Our Programs

Our programs mobilize people with low incomes and the broader community to build assets that prevent poverty, create equality, and strengthen our social fabric. Our mission and vision come to life through our programs. Community partnerships are formed and people with low incomes find the support, resources, and relationships they need to overcome economic, racial, and cultural barriers that prevent them from establishing and maintaining self-sufficient, connected lives.

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We are now a Financial Opportunity Center

Are you committed to increasing your income, decreasing your expenses, and doing what it takes to secure your financial future? If so, the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) is a great place to start. We help people who want to help themselves.

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Building Assets

FAIM logoFAIM IDA (Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota Individual Development Account) is a matched savings account designed to help you save money to acquire one of three assets: a home, a higher education, or a small business.

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Duluth Saves LogoReady to begin working toward your financial goals? Need to get a bank account or start an emergency fund? Can't wait to get started in FAIM? Then join Duluth Saves! It is a pay-yourself-first program that gets you on the road to financial prosperity.

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Common Cents LogoThis financial education program offers classes that focus on building financial "fitness." Topics include increasing knowledge about budgeting, credit cards, asset building, mortgages, ID theft, predatory lending, dealing with collectors, and creating savings.

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JumpStart LogoA reliable car can provide and improve access to a better job, education, medical services, childcare, and more. JumpStart Duluth provides down-payment assistance and low interest loans to assist in the purchase of reliable, low mileage, energy-efficient vehicles. Education on preventative car maintenance, car ownership, and credit repair is also offered. Get on the road to prosperity and own your own vehicle!

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Free Tax Site LogoWe will provide free walk-in tax preparation three sessions a week at our main office January 28 – April 17, 2017. Regular season appointments for prior year and amended returns are available February 2 – April 13, 2017. Post-season appointments for current year, prior year and amended returns are available May 2 - June 28, 2017. Please use post-season if you only file for a renter's rebate or homeowner's property tax credit..

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BikesPlus logo

WE'LL get you a bike, helmet, lock, water bottle, & accessories. WE'LL help you build community with fellow riders during monthly meetings & group rides. WE'LL teach you about transportation policy & planning. And YOU'LL make a difference in your life & our community by bike riding!

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Drive logoProblems like no driver’s license? Costly insurance? No car? A fear of driving?

Our Transportation Coach can help:

  • Get one-on-one support to overcome your transportation barriers!
  • Find out what it takes to get your license.
  • Build confidence about vehicle affordability & ownership responsibilities with Car Care Classes.
  • Explore options for driving and getting on the road.

Download our Drive flyer.

Increasing Income

Bridge to Employment LogoBridge to Employment: Our mission is to promote a more diverse workforce by assisting African American individuals currently receiving public assistance for families to secure entry level employment, remain in the workforce, and develop career goals that will advance them to living wage positions.

Download our Bridge to Employment brochure.

HOPE LogoHOPE: Help and Opportunity in the Pursuit of Employment: This advocacy program provides HOPE and support to families struggling to achieve a better financial future. High impact strategies include: education planning, goal planning, support, and encouragement to bring families out of isolation.

Download our HOPE brochure.

HOPE LogoCircles of Support - Circles@Work is a partnership with LISC (Local Initiative Support Corporation) and the City of Duluth's - Duluth at Work program. This workforce development collaborative provides nontraditional vocational support networks to single mothers with children. We work closely with employers to match applicants with specific jobs. The advocacy coordinator and volunteer Allies in the Circles of Support program provide onsite soft skill training to all participants. This training includes individualized support and training in all aspects of the job seeking and interview process. This also includes resume and cover letter writing, interviewing skills, formal mock interviews, and pre- and post-interview etiquette. Circles of Support assists in addressing barriers to employment that employers may not perceive or recognize - for example, making sure back-up childcare and transportation plans are in place.

Engaging the Community

Getting Ahead LogoThe Getting Ahead course helps individuals experiencing poverty investigate the impact poverty has on themselves and their communities. It helps people prepare to transform their own lives and their communities by helping them create concrete individual plans to build resources and start Getting Ahead. 

Note: A parallel series called “Intersections of Poverty, Race & Class," that explores the intersection of these social constructs designed for middle class individuals, will be starting in the Winter of 2012.

Click here to visit our Getting Ahead webpage.

RAW logoRAW - Race Awareness Workshop - Where Talk Leads to Action: A workshop designed to help business and institutions understand the personal, structural and systemic realities of race in America.

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Going Green

Green Jobs LogoGreen Jobs: Green-collar jobs, as we define them, are well-paid, career-track jobs that contribute directly to preserving or enhancing environmental quality. The five current Green Jobs projects at Community Action Duluth are Seeds of Success Urban Agriculture, Summer Youth Energy Outreach, Watershed Conservation Corps, Minnesota Power Energy Conservation, and Step-Up Construction Apprentices.

Seeds of Success LogoBy transforming vacant land into productive gardens, Seeds of Success is making fresh, locally-grown produce available to the entire community. Income-qualified volunteers earn a share of the harvest, as well as recipes and ideas for how to preserve and prepare the food they've helped to grow.

Superior StreamsDuluth Streams Watershed Conservation Corps: A pilot scale project focusing on the need to protect and restore upland riparian zones for their value as wildlife corridors, filters for polluted runoff, and sinks to slow storm water runoff. The program will use underemployed urban residents to carry out restoration projects along the banks of cold water streams draining into the St. Louis River Area of Concern and Lake Superior. These Watershed Conservation Corps members will work in tandem with a habitat action team to implement projects that hold and retain water, filter pollutants, restore native vegetation, provide shade, and stabilize shoreline banks.

Green Duluth Energy Canvass LogoGreen Duluth Energy Canvass: This door-to-door energy outreach project employed 12 youth from low income households the summer of 2009. They knocked on more than 13,000 doors and talked to more than 4,000 people about weatherization assistance and other energy programs, as well as low cost, energy-saving measures. In the 2010 canvass, we are partnering with the Duluth Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) to organize an eight-week, door-to-door energy outreach campaign to promote neighborhood energy workshops. The goal is to engage homeowners and renters in DEEP's neighborhood workshops and increase energy conservation in Duluth.


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