One third of the people who live in the city of Duluth are living in poverty or are considered to be working poor. Community Action Duluth is doing whatever it takes to help people who are struggling to cover basic needs.

HOPE Logo - help and opportunity in pursuit of employment        Hope Participants at a home visit with Family Emplymnet Advocate, Kris Cook

We believe in families.
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What is HOPE?

HOPE is a program that uses family strengths and talents to help you confront the barriers of isolation and get out of poverty, through support and assistance of a family employment advocate.

How Do I Qualify?

    Hope Participant at work.

We believe in self-sufficiency.

Family Employment Advocacy

A family employment advocate will work with you to determine your family and employment goals and help you address and overcome challenges.

Support and advocacy will be provided to your family based on your needs and desires. This may include home visits, advocacy with other providers/supports, and employment assistance.

Family Advocacy is about:

What we offer:

We believe in community without poverty.

What else do I need to know?

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