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Do you want to make more of a business case? We will help you compete in a world that values diversity and inclusion. Race Awareness Workshop-Seminars (RAW-Seminars) will provide your employees with the cultural competencies your business or school needs to succeed in a global market. Each RAW-Seminar is designed to help your business grow and your school to be more effective by increasing your understanding of the changing demographics, cultural expectations, and preferences of your customers.

Why should educational and business entities care? Your customers expect inclusion! Racism, cultural stereotypes and personal biases, left unchallenged, can have a devastating economic and social impact on your business, school and community. RAW-Seminars provide your staff or employees with the tools they need to succeed in a world that is more diverse. They consist of a series of four transformational workshops designed to help you increase sales and impact your community by:

  • Countering racial bias
  • Boosting employee retention (by understanding cultural norms)
  • Navigating conversations about race (by understanding the creation of Race)

Combined, these trainings provide your staff or employees with the tools they need to succeed in an increasingly diverse world.

Why should a world that values diversity and inclusion do business with you? Minnesota has been catapulted into the national spotlight and onto the world stage of a new global market. The national spotlight is focused on changing cultural demographics and cultural disparities, supporting extreme cultural disparities in education, employment and economic development. At the same time, Minnesota has been striving and succeeding to increase new partnerships that emerge from global economic opportunities and thus create more opportunities for future growth and expansion.

Why not the old way? We are in a dichotomy of values and opportunity. We are challenged to prove our case that our Minnesota values align with the values of a new diverse global market. Our success hinges on our ability to prove our case. Doing business the old way, is not good enough. While Minnesotans are “nice”, are we ready to prove that we value people from diverse backgrounds and cultures? Our new global partners are diverse people from all backgrounds who expect to be included into Minnesota culture.

How will Race Awareness Workshop Seminars prepare us for the new global market? Global market leaders expect cultural diversity and inclusion to be a common practice of “how we do business.” They are anticipating inclusive communities, and the proof of this will be seen in our schools, in our emerging workforce and our business interests. Community Action Duluth’s Race Awareness Workshops (RAW-Seminars) will give you the edge you need, the skills and cultural competencies you must have, and the confidence you should expect to excel in our new global market. We can, and will, help you compete in a world that values diversity and inclusion.