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Comments about Intersections of Poverty, Race & Class

"I was surprised, being a person from the middle class, at the concepts of Intersections of Poverty, Race & Class."

"I realized that it is incredibly rare to have an individual from poverty at the table as we are making decisions that will impact them."

"The group conversations are fantastic!" 

"We had a good free exchange of ideas with the opportunity to clarify things that were stated." 

"I realized that we never talk about this stuff. Why not, especially when it's happening everyday?"

Comments about Race Awareness Workshops

"The video, stories and visual examples make the issues of RACE easier to see and understand."

"It saddens me that discrimination still exists. I know, however, that I can do something to eliminate micro-discrimination in my workplace."

"Especially powerful process."

"I felt that I needed more time to talk. I guess the conversation has been 200 years in the making."

"I have been changed. Race Awareness Workshops have changed me!"

Past Participants

Past Participants of Race Awareness Workshops

  • AEOA (Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency)
  • American Indian Commission Member
  • Arrowhead Regional Correction
  • City of Duluth - Workforce Center
  • Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc.
  • Community Allies
  • Duluth School District - ISD-709
  • Individual Community Members
  • JDAI (Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative)
  • NEMOJET - Northeastern Minnesota Office of Job Training
  • Proctor School District - ISD-704
  • University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Duluth Head Start
  • LISC - Americorps National Conference Training

Past Participants of Intersections of Poverty, Race & Class

  • Arrowhead Regional Corrections staff
  • Circles of Support network members
  • Community Allies
  • Individual Community Members
  • ISD-709 Unity High School Staff
  • LISC - Ameri-Corps