Lincoln Park Fair Food Access Campaign

Community Action Duluth is an organizational partner in this campaign to bring together our neighbors in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Duluth to find ways to improve access to healthy food.

Lack of access to healthy food is widely recognized as a concern of people living in Lincoln Park. The issue was the subject of an academic study in 2011 and improving access is a goal of LISC Duluth’s Lincoln Park Neighborhood Revitalization Plan.

The Campaign
Five organizations and an emerging core of neighborhood leaders make up the campaign. The organizational partners are the Healthy Duluth Area Coalition, CHUM, Duluth LISC, the Duluth Community Garden Program, and Community Action Duluth.

The campaign launched in the summer of 2012 with an online fundraising effort and an on-the-sidewalks neighborhood canvass that spoke with almost 500 neighborhood residents about their concerns around the issue. We presented the results of the canvass at a meeting in August of 2012 to about 100 interested neighbors.

What’s Happening Now?
Since August 2012, the organizational partners have been meeting monthly to build community engagement and power. The most up-to-date information on the campaign can be found at its Facebook page.