Duluth Stream Corps LogoFrequently Asked Questions

Who does the work at your garden sites?

The work of planting, cultivating, and harvesting from our garden sites is done by a combination of year-round staff, transitional employees, and volunteers.

What do you do with all the food you grow?

We sell most at the Lincoln Park Farmers Market. We also sell produce at festivals and wholesale to local restaurants.

Why should I volunteer with Seeds?

Whether you’re an experienced gardener with the desire to share your skills with others or just getting into growing and looking to learn, Seeds is open to volunteers of all skill levels. It’s a way for you to meet your neighbors and connect with others passionate about local food and local food access.

Is Seeds a community garden program?

No-if you’re interested in getting your own plot to grow in, we recommend contacting the Duluth Community Garden Garden Program.

Where are your garden sites?

You can find a mostly current map here.