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Stay tuned for an exciting collaborative project between Seeds of Success, the City of Duluth, Junior League of Duluth, Zeitgeist Center for Arts and Community, and Wagner Zaun Architecture. We're working together to bring a Deep Winter Greenhouse to the Denfeld neighborhood, hopefully in late 2016. What's a Deep Winter Greenhouse, you ask? It's a mostly-passive solar structure that is designed especially for winter growing, with very efficient ventilation and heat storage.

Architectural drawings of deep winter greenhouse
Curious to learn more? Here are some great resources:
University of Minnesota Extension's Cold Climate Greenhouse Resource Guide
The Northlands Winter Greenhouse Manual by Carol Ford and Chuck Waibel

We are excited about this endeavor for so many reasons:

  1. To grow food in the middle of the winter, especially in a far-north climate;
  2. To start a winter farmers market to address food insecurity in our community, especially in the winter, when it's much more difficult to access fresh, local, affordable food; and
  3. To employ more transitional employees in the work of food production.

In addition, we'll be sharing the a lot with the Duluth Community Garden Program. The greenhouse will occupy the back of the lot, while the Denfeld Victory Garden and Edible Food Forest will be on the front half of the lot.

Interested in donating to our Deep Winter Greenhouse project? Click HERE.

Thanks for your interest, and stay tuned for more information!