Duluth Stream Corps LogoAcknowledgements

We are especially thankful to the Environmental Protection Agency for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative grant that funds our project.  Without the EPA’s dedication to cleaning and protecting our environment, this groundbreaking stream restoration project would not exist.
Environmental Protection Agency
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

EPA logo     Great Lakes Restoration Logo

Also, we would like to thank the following people and organizations for their technical guidance on the project:

St. Louis River Alliance The goal of the SLRA to restore and delist the St. Louis River Area of Concern is supported through the restoration of Duluth’s coldwater streams. Among the many services provided to the Duluth Stream Corps, the SLRA acts as a facilitator for the recruitment and involvement of the Habitat Action Team. The HAT is composed of environmental professionals from the area that provide invaluable expertise and guidance for the project. The Duluth Stream Corps and the SLRA have a strong partnership, and we are grateful to have their assistance in this project.

Habitat Action Team members and their affiliations:

Joshua Blankenheim – Minnesota DNR
Heidi Bringman – LHB Consulting
Bob Bruce – Carduus Consulting
Brian Fredrickson – MPCA
Judy Gibbs – City of Duluth
Carl Haensel – Lake Superior Coldwater Coalition and Trout Unlimited
Rolf Hagberg – former Minnesota Conservation Corps director
George Host – NRRI
Kate Kubiak – SSWCD
Gary Meier – Trout Unlimited
Paul Sandstrom­ – Laurentian RC&D
Jesse Schomberg – MN Sea Grant

We would like to thank and acknowledge the landowners who participated in our project:

Kathleen Abel
Bill Agenter
Carol Allen
Matt Baker
Anastasia Bamford
David Barthel
Terrance Becker
Patty Beech
John Beyer
Geoffry and Judy Bianchi
Dennis Boardwell
Rose Chu
Terry and Donna Churchill
Rick Cleath
Concordia Lutheran Church
Donald Dass
Marlene Diver
Jill Douville-Schulze
Shane and Heather Erickson
Andy and Libby Fena
Jim and Joy Fischer
Anne Fisher
Kimberly and Mark Gilbertson
Linda Glaser and John Herold
Jake Gunderson
Robert Gunnarson
Robert Hakala
John Hansen
Sarah Hendrickson
Joan Hughes
Dale Immerfall
Jean Jacobson
Jack Kemp
Rod Knezevich
Bob Knighton
Gloria Kustermann
Gen Laskowski
Dave Lee
Timothy Lee
Michael and Kathy Levinski
Laurie Lind
Denise Lisdahl
Renee Lyttler
Alan Markham
Ellie Martin
Grace and Mark Monson
Charles and Diana Moore
Nancy Mosiniak
Sarah and Jesse Murray
John and Kara Nachtsheim
Dave and Liz Nelson
Scott Nelson
Tim Nelson
Terry Nelson
Pam Novotny
Doug Odlevak
Bernie and Richard Ozan
Judy Packingham
Rachel Payne
Julie Perfetti
Becky and Chris Persgard
Nicole and Mike Peterson
Margi Preus
Deena Rappana
Anne Robb
Barb Russ and Neil Glazman
Jeanne Severin
Brian Spehar
Susan Stanich
Guy Steuart
Annett Trebitz
Harvey VanHorn
Bruce Vik
Marta Watson
Tom and Lisa Wegren
Leslie Westhoff
Andy Wold
Helen and Keith Wright
Dane Youngblom

Businesses that took part in the Duluth Stream Corps project:
Firelight Inn
Inter City Oil
North Shore Cottages

Finally, the Duluth Stream Corps would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to the following people/organizations:

Eric Ament, for donating part of the proceeds from the Respect Your Mother Earth Festival.

Craig Blacklock of Blacklock Photography Galleries, for donating two photos we sold at our silent auction.

Jack Rajala of Rajala Companies, for giving us the opportunity to transplant hundreds of white pine from Cohasset to Duluth.

The City of Duluth, for giving us storage space at the Duluth City yard.

The Duluth Energy Efficiency Program, for donating a parking space for our work truck.

Paul Hlina, owner of Leaning Pines Native Landscapes, for donating 1000 tree seedlings.

Conservation Corps of Minnesota, for donating fencing materials to the project.

Freshwater Future, for a grant of $15,000 to buy fencing for landowners who can’t afford it.

Natural Resource Research Institute, for helping provide labor and transportation for transplanting projects on Amity creek and Tischer Creek.

Great Lakes Innovative Stewardship Through Education Network (GLISTEN), for providing us with an intern and volunteers. GLISTEN helps students as well as members of the involved communities become enlightened stakeholders who practice active stewardship behaviors in their private and civic lives.

Tech Soup, for offering two discounted copies of Arc MAP.

Glenn Merrick, professor of Biology and Environmental Science at Lake Superior College, for providing a tree planting training opportunity and supplying a group of hard-working LSC student volunteers.

Karen Gran and her UMD geomorphology class, for conducting research projects pertaining to some of our potential project sites.

Wells Fargo, for awarding us a grant of $4,500 for an innovative landowner education program.

MN Sea Grant, for donating rain barrels to install on landowner's property.

And THANK YOU to our many volunteers!