Duluth Stream Corps LogoLandowner Testimonials

DIANA: "We appreciated the focus and belief in their purpose of the people that worked with us exhibited. There was an added benefit in that we were able to participate in the planning and planting. We hope that this very worthwhile project will continue and others who live next to streams and lakes will all participate."     

HELEN: "It was a pleasure having you all out. I hope to see you again next year!"

BOB: “We look forward to watching the new trees grow and mature into the next generation of our small corner of the Duluth urban forest.”

SHANE: “Due to the program, we were able to plant almost 150 trees and shrubs on our property. We made the day a tree planting party.”

KATHLEEN: “The trees which they planted will protect the earth alongside the creek.”

TERRY: “I was surprised by both the quantity and quality of the trees. I would like to have your crew come out again and plant more trees… I wish I would have done this 20 years ago."

CHARLES: “A project that would have taken me a week to finish was accomplished in a number of hours.”

PAT: “We now have some fabulous erosion control that adds beauty and value to our property! Thank you!"