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If you are interested in enhancing your shoreline to make a lasting impact on Lake Superior, please call us. The projects that we work on generally are completed in three easy steps:

Step one:  Stream Corps staff will meet with you at your property to design a project that maximizes your satisfaction and the benefit to the stream. 

Step two: Using the information we gathered, we will design the project and send you a sketch of the plans. If the design suits you, we will schedule a date to do the work with you. However, if you have concerns we will work with you to make changes to it. This program is heavily dependent on landowner commitment and we are cognizant of the attachment people have to their land, so we are very interested in meeting your needs.

Step three: We get the job done. We prefer to have you present when we do the work, so we strive to be flexible and will work around your schedule.  When we’re done, we ask that you commit to maintaining the restoration project – watering, and weeding the plantings when necessary and maintaining the browse protection.  While it is not a significant time commitment, it is nonetheless crucial to the ultimate success of the project.

We are very grateful to all the landowners who demonstrate their commitment to land stewardship by participating in this program. You are taking part in a larger effort to address a serious environmental challenge and preserve a valuable resource for future generations!

Stream Corps crew getting the job done.

Stream Corps crew getting the job done.

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