Tax Site logo2017 Tax Site: What to Bring Checklist

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❏ 2015 tax return: REQUIRED if you itemized deductions in 2015 or carry forward a loss
❏ 2015 tax return: ADVISED – tax software change ends our access to prior year returns

❏ Valid photo I.D.
❏ Social security cards or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) cards or letters for all persons listed on the tax return, including all dependents
❏ Birth date for all persons listed on the tax return
❏ For direct deposit of refund(s), bring a voided check OR your account number and routing number of your bank
Income statements or forms for 2016:

❏ Wages from each job (Form W-2)
❏ Independent Contractor earnings (Form 1099-MISC)
❏ Interest (Form 1099-INT)
❏ Dividends (Form 1099-DIV)
❏ Retirement Plan Distributions (Form 1099-R)
❏ Gambling Winnings (Form W-2G)
❏ Unemployment (Form 1099-G)
❏ Social Security Benefits (Form SSA-1099)
❏ Railroad Retirement Benefits (Form RRB-1099-R)

❏ Year-end income statements for MFIP, SSI, MSA, GA, veteran's benefits, and worker's compensation
❏ Receipts for education expenses you paid for your children in grades K-12. For example: tutoring, rental/purchase of instrument, music lessons, pens, pencils, & notebooks
❏ Tuition expenses you paid to attend a university, college or technical school (Form 1098-T)
❏ Interest you paid on student loans (Form 1098-E)
❏ Day care expenses you paid for dependent children, with provider's name, address and tax ID number (EIN or SSN)
❏ Letters acknowledging charitable donations of cash or up to $500 in non-cash items
Purchasers of health insurance in the marketplace: Documentation of advance premium tax credits (Form 1095-A is required). All others, bring Form(s) 1095-B or -C
Homeowners: Mortgage interest & real estate taxes paid in 2016 (Form 1098) & Statement of Property Tax payable In 2017 mailed by the county in March 2017
Renters: Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP) in 2016 from each landlord, mailed by January 31, 2017
Mobile Home Owners: Statement of Property Tax Payable in 2017 mailed by the county AND Certificate of Rent Paid in 2016 from your landlord